Contemporary Romance - short stories

Wardrobe malfunctions are embarrassing in the best of situations. What’s a girl to do when a male coworker - who also happens to be one of her secret crushes – finds her in a tight spot?

Mason might be willing to save Cherie from exposing her silky under-things at a packed business convention but will their steamy hallway encounter lead to more than a one night stand?


After agreeing to participate in a corporate fundraiser, Angie hires a personal trainer to get in shape. Noel is encouraging, patient, dedicated, and sexy as hell. If she were ten years younger she might be willing to find out why the looks he keeps tossing her way remind her of sultry summer nights.

When one of her sessions runs late and they end up alone at the gym, Noel makes her sweat in a whole new way. It might not be the workout she signed up for, but Noel gives her the one she needs.